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Offset Sectioning

Offset sectioning is a multi-plane section cut that shows stepped sectioning with 90 degree angles or any defined angle based on how users define the cut.

Once defined, one can rotate, zoom, and perform measurements similar to other section plane features.

Create Offset Section Plane

To create an offset section cut:

  1. Select Offset Section from the section menu button.
  2. Left mouse click to pick points on the screen to set each part of the offset plane.
  3. Double click the left mouse button to end selection and enable the new offset section plane.

Move Section Planes

For offset sectioning, section planes can be moved in two ways,

  • single section of the offset section plane
  • entire offset section plane

Single Section Move

To move single sections of the offset section cut:

  1. Grab a center section plane grip and move in the desired direction.
  2. Release the mouse when complete.

Entire Section Move

To move the entire offset section cut:

  1. Right mouse click in the open graphical area.
  2. Select Move Section.
  3. Grab the section plane to drag the entire offset section cut into any direction.
  4. Right mouse click in the open graphical area again.
  5. Select Rotate, Pan, or Zoom to change out from Move Section mode.




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