SpinFire Ultimate Reader can be downloaded at:

The same installation and executable are used without a license to place SpinFire Ultimate in reader mode.

Reader mode allows users to:

  • Open and view .ACT3D files,
  • Open some .SpinFire Professional, 3D files, 
  • Utilize SpinFire Library viewing
  • Single plane sectioning
  • Change render modes
  • Limited measurements:
    • Point coordinates
    • Edge Length
    • Point to Point measurement
  • Print
  • Connecting to your organization's Centro instance

Saving, opening native CAD formats, additional measurements, and conversion features are disabled.

To use SpinFire Ultimate in Reader mode,

  1. Install SpinFire Ultimate.
  2. Do not specify a SeatID or license file.
  3. Start SpinFire Ultimate after the installation completes.