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3D Grid and Rulers

Use the grid and ruler with multiple view ports to quickly gauge size and length of your 3D models.v

Setting Default Grid and Ruler Options

Set up the default values on how grids and rulers behave.

To set default values for 3D grid and rulers,

  1. Go to Options > Settings > 3D Viewer.
  2. Enter "grid" in the Search field.
  3. Change/review the Grid Line Color.
  4. Change/review the Display Grid setting.
  5. Change/review the Grid/Ruler Unit.
  6. Click Apply Settings.


Enabling Grids and Rulers 

You can toggle the grid and ruler on or off while viewing a 3D document.

To enable/disable a grid and ruler,

  1. In the 3D workspace, go to the Display button on the 3D toolbar. 
  2. Check Grid to enable the grid.
  3. Check Ruler to enable the ruler.
  4. Select each a second time (remove the check mark) to disable.


Instant Grid Settings

You can change the grid and ruler settings during your session in the 3D workspace if the default values do not work as you expected.

To change grid and ruler settings in the immediate 3D workspace,

  1. Click the Settings button on the 3D toolbar. 
  2.  Enter "Grid" in the search field.
  3. Change/review the Grid Line Color.
  4. Change/review the Grid/Ruler Unit.
  5. Click OK.




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