For organizations that pair SpinFire with their instance of Centro, attributes found in Centro are displayed on the Centro tab of the properties dialog window for a given part.

A user can view the following Centro information.

  • Data Docs
    • Data Docs from the Data Docs tab + key and values
  • Physical Properties 
    • Phyiscal Properties from the CAD tab
    • CAD Attributes from the CAD tab
  • Resource File Information
    • Check-in Comment
    • File name
    • Date-time Last Modified
    • If changes are pending
    • If a shatered SFU file
    • File Size

To Access Centro Attributes

  1. In the Library, downlad and open a CAD file (or another compatible resource) from a Centro connection.
  2. Right-mouse click on a part.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. Click on the Centro tab.