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The Home page is where you'll find the latest SpinFire Ultimate announcements, a list of recently opened documents, and links to other components.


SpinFire News - In this area, you will find up-to-date information about the license, notices about updates, and warning messages about components that may fail to load or activate.

Click the Hide button to collapse this area.


Sidebar Links - The sidebar contains SpinFire Ultimate and external Internet links.


Links to licensing and registration information regarding your SpinFire Ultimate seat.

  • Licensed
  • Registered

Also shown is your maintenance expiration date.


Links to SpinFire Ultimate settings (also found on the Options page):


Click to access important information from Actify.

3.Recent Documents - This area displays a list of the most recently opened files (.3D or native CAD). Along with the file name, SpinFire Ultimate displays a thumbnail image of the model or drawing, the date the file was last opened, and the file size. You can click on any listed item to quickly open the file.

Click the Clear button to remove all entries from the list.

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