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Getting Started with SpinFire

Actify Contact Details

How to Contact SpinFire Technical Support

What to Include in a Support Ticket

How to Contact SpinFire Sales Team

Technical Support Helpdesk

How to Create a Support Account

How to Create or Reset your Password for the Helpdesk

How to Raise a Support Ticket

SpinFire Tutorials

How to use SpinFire -Learning Management System Course (Valid Seat ID + User Registration required)

Important SpinFire Pages

What's New in SpinFire and Release Notes

Activating SpinFire

Floating License Installation Floating License Manager is mandatory for SpinFire floating licenses

Update License on Floating License Manager

Floating License Adding Timeout Options (Configure License time out after 15 minutes or more)

Floating License Options(Include, Exclude, Groups etc)

Floating License Changing Ports

Configuring Specific Ports for SpinFire and Actify Vendor Daemon

SpinFire Ultimate Releases (SpinFire Registry Product Codes)

Uninstalling SpinFire Ultimate

How to find Dxdiag file

SpinFire Enterprise

(For I.T Administrators deploying and configuring SpinFire across their networks)

SpinFire Enterprise Installation

SpinFire Enterprise Configuration

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